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New IPAF Harness Course Updates

As of Monday 3rd July 2023, IPAF will no longer offer their harness course in its current iteration. If you have an existing Harness (H) qualification your PAL card this will still be valid for the duration of your certificate. However, going forward IPAF have created 3 new courses lines for harness qualification broken down as outlined below.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you with your harness training please contact our team today on 0345 605 0006.

Harness Awareness (HA)

This course provides the knowledge required to select, monitor, manage and plan the correct use of harnesses and lanyards for the use in MEWPs. It aims to enable delegates to understand how to correctly identify and select the appropriate form of personal protection against falls from MEWPs. Delegates will also learn how to check, use, maintain and store a harness and lanyard with the manufacturer's instructions.

If the delegate has a requirement to understand the use of harnesses for their role but without the need to use a harness, this course is suitable to be undertaken on it's own. However, for delegates who will use a harness within MEWPs, this course is the pre-requisite for their Harness User training outlined below.

Harness User (HU)

The Harness User (HU) assessment looks to evaluate delegates practical application of the knowledge learned in the HA module. Delegates are able to bolt on the HU assessment to their IPAF Operator training classroom course, with the aim to receive IPAF certifications in both their boom category and harness competency, all in one practical session. 

Delegates also have the option to take this as part of Harness Awarness/User/Inspection combination 1 day course if they already have their IPAF Boom catagory training. Delegates must complete the HA module prior to undertaking HU practical assessment.


To successfully complete the HU qualification, delegates will need to demonstrate both competency in the correct pre-use checks, fitting and adjusting of both a harness and lanyard for use within a MEWP. They will also be required to demonstrate the correct anchor point when attaching a lanyard in a MEWP and how to best adjust the lanyard to ensure its effectiveness.

The new bolt on training course saves both time and money for delegates, as they no longer need to attend two separate training sessions to receive their harness user and IPAF operator qualifications.

Harness Inspector (HI)

The Harness Inspector (HI) course provides the knowledge and practical application for the statutory inspection of harnesses, lanyards and associated ancillary PFPE equipment for the use in MEWPs. Delegates attending the HI course must already hold a HU qualification or attend a full day course that covers HA, HU and HI.

Upon completion of the HI course the harness inspector will be able to demonstrate competency in conducting periodic and interim inspections of harnesses and lanyards. They will also be able to maintain the associated records for their inspections.

What course is right for me?

Due to the flexibility of this training, there are a number of pathways that can be undertaken to get your harness training through HSS. The below flowchart shows the options available to you dependant on your requirements (you can also download this here.)