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CITB - Health & Safety Awareness (HSA)

CITB course covering the potential hazards faced when working on a construction or civil engineering site.


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Course Details

Product number: CITB_SSP|1465

Course Aims

This CITB accredited course provide delegates with a practical summary of health and safety, welfare and environmental issues.

Delegates will also be given the knowledge to identify individual responsibilities for looking after themselves and others, what the employer’s duties are and what should be done if anyone’s health and safety is being put at risk.

Please Note: The minimum age of attendance for this course is 16 years old, however delegates who are under the age of 18 must bring a completed parental consent form to the first day of the training course.

This attracts a CITB Short Course Duration Grant at Tier 1, with a value of £60.  Please see the Grants and Funding tab for further information.

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The Operatives test ensures workers have a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness before going on site. To apply for a CSCS Labourers Green card, delegates will need to successfully complete both the Operatives HS&E test and the Site Safety Plus Health & Safety Awareness course, holding both valid certificates. CSCS cards provide evidence that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site, and contractors or clients in the UK require workers to hold a card before they are granted access to a site.

Virtual Classrooms

Can't find the date you're looking for?

The Health & Safety Awareness course is also available through Remote Learning, where delegates can complete training and gain their certification via Virtual Classrooms.

Virtual Classroom training has been created to allow delegates to gain and develop the required knowledge outside of the classroom - connecting live with a HSS Trainer through a webcam.

To find out more information and view Remote Learning course dates please click here.

The course aims to ensure that individual responsibilities are understood, covering:

  • Why they are carrying out their identified duties
  • What is expected of them
  • Contributing to the safety of the workplace

At the end of the course Delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the need to prevent accidents
  • Have an understanding of health and safety law
  • Identify how their role fits into the control and management of the site
  • Understand the need for risk assessments and method statements
  • Appreciate the need to perform safely and to stop and ask for advice if not sure
  • Report unsafe acts to prevent an accident

Theory Test

Individual written test with explanation of pass requirements.

Delegates who have entered, or are about to enter, the construction and civil engineering industry as a member of the workforce.

You must have a good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area on 0345 605 0006.

Please Note: The minimum age of attendance for this course is 16 years old, however delegates who are under the age of 18 must bring a completed parental consent form to the first day of the training course.


The multiple-choice question paper consists of 25 multiple-choice questions: 20 questions are worth one mark each and 5 questions are worth two marks each.

The delegates must obtain 25 marks out of 30 (83%) or more in order to pass the examination.

The examination lasts 30 minutes and must be completed within this time. This is a closed book exam.


Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a CITB Health & Safety Awareness certificate valid for five years.

Please note, CITB no longer produce physical certificates, all certificates are produced digitally and sent to the booker of the course within 28 working days of the end of the course.

CITB Short Course Duration Grant

As of the 1st April 2023, the levy grants for CITB have been updated. For more information on the changes please click here.
Information for Employers
HSS Training is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) with CITB, allowing our customers to claim grants for completing training on our registered courses. The CITB levy and grants scheme has been introduced to ensure the UK construction industry has the skilled workforce that it needs; providing grants for employers to train their workers. This helps to maintain health & safety standards on construction sites, keeping the right skills available for the industry to grow. In turn this will allow projects to be completed on time and within budget, in a safe and sustainable manner.
How much is the Grant?
The grant rates are split into three tiers, determined by the duration and content of the course.
  • Tier 1 = £60
  • Tier 2 = £140
  • Tier 3 = £240
  • Course Name  Grant Tier Value
    IPAF (Dual) Mobile Vertical (3a) + (3b) Mobile Boom - Operator  Tier 2 £140
    IPAF Harness Use and Inspection  Tier 1 £60
    PASMA Mobile Access Towers for Users  Tier 2 £140
    Ladder and Stepladder User - Ladder Association  Tier 1 £60
    Ladder and Stepladder Inspection - Ladder Association  Tier 1 £60
    Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)  Tier 3 £240
    Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTS)  Tier 3 - 50% £120
    Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)  Tier 2 £140
    Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SSSTS)  Tier 2 - 50% £70
    Site Safety Plus - Health & Safety Awareness  Tier 1 £60
    Please refer to the Approved Course List on CITB’s website for the full course directory. Grants are paid once for each individual per course, with the exception of a renewal or refresher course.
    Which courses are covered?
    As a CITB accredited ATO, HSS Training has 20+ courses registered under the CITB Short Course Duration Grant. Short duration courses last from 3 hours to 29 days, focusing on the core construction skills needed across the industry.
    The full list of approved courses is available on CITB’s Construction Training Directory.
    • Assured Products - courses delivered to an agreed industry standard
    • Recognised Products - an approved standard by a relevant awarding body that is widely accepted by the industry i.e. IPAF, PASMA, Ladder Association
    • CITB - relating to the Site Safety Plus courses

    How do I claim?
    Q. What do I need to do as the employer?
    A. Simply book your employee onto their required course (our full open schedule is available on the HSS Training website) and provide us with the following details: Delegate name, DOB, Address, NI Number and the Employer CITB Levy Number.
    Q. How do I make a claim?
    A. We will do everything for you. Because HSS Training is an ATO with CITB, following your employees successful completion of their course we will update the construction Training Register and you will automatically receive the payment.
    Q. How will I receive the payment?
    A. Grants can only be paid back via bank transfer, so ensure that CITB hold your current bank details - you can do this through their secure online Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation Form.

    Who can claim?
    Any Employer can claim who has registered with CITB and meets their general grants scheme eligibility requirements. Short Duration grants are available to all directly employed Pay As You Earn (PAYE) staff and sub-contractors.
    Note – grants are not paid to individual employees. 
    Eligibility Requirements
    Employers are able to claim grants if they have sent a Levy Return to CITB by 30th November each year (where applicable).
    Please refer to CITB’s website for more information on how Levy Returns are calculated for a company.
    Follow the PDF link if you would like to print or download this information.
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