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Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester

Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester training provides knowledge on how to fit test colleagues who are required to use tight fitting RPE in the workplace. 


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Course Details

Product number: FACE_FIT_F2F|4004

This course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to fit test colleagues who require the use of tight fitting RPE in the workplace.

  • History of RPE
  • Routes of entry (dust, mist, fume, fibres, gas, vapour)
  • Explanation of effects (chronic / acute)
  • Why fit test?
  • Types of RPE
  • Legislation / HSE Guidance
  • What requires testing and why?
  • Types of RPE Face Fit Testing and explanation of Quantitative
  • Qualitative Face Fit Testing and explanation of how it works
  • Contents of kit
  • Preparation for a test
  • Explanation for employee being tested
  • Practical demonstration
  • What happens in the event of a fail?
  • Completion of record
  • Explanation to employee on their duty
  • What can go wrong?


Those who are have been delegated by their employer to oversee the fit testing of employees using tight fitting RPE.

Upon successful completion delegates will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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