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IPAF Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is now accepted as a leading process for renewal on powered access equipment.



Course Details

Product number: SW10357

Our VR courses are now approved by IPAF as a revolutionary training process for MEWPs. These courses are only available for experienced operators with an in date IPAF operators licence which requires renewal or PAL+ certifications. 

E-Learning can be completed prior to VR training at one of our training centres or for larger groups on your site or premises. For more information on the E-Learning modules to be completed prior to practical training please see below: 

Please note: Delegates MUST provide either an IPAF book on the day of this course with proof of 60 entries, 10 of which will need to be within the last 12 months or alternatively delegates will need to self-certify on the day to show that they have the required experience. Trainers will be able to assist further with the completion of self-certification upon arrival to your course.

Why use Virtual Reality? 

Virtual Reality has a number of key features making it a progressive training tool within the use of MEWP’s.

Safety and Risk Management
Virtual Reality allows delegates to encounter and repeat actions under hazardous situations without the risk to personal safety or damage to equipment or premises.

Cost Effective
By removing the risk of error this form of training is a cost effective solution for training on powered access equipment.

Immersive True to Life Experience
Virtual Reality training has been designed to create a true to life realistic experience. It blends the movement and viewpoint found on real powered access equipment to ensure that delegates reactions are life-like and can be easily transferred to the workplace. With hands on-practice delegates can obtain the necessary skillset and experience through this fully immersive training.

Our training can be undertaken in as little as half a day making it even easier to training staff conveniently around staff schedules.

Virtual Reality is easy to use and can be delivered on-site at your premises at a time that is convenient to you.

Full Breakdown Reports
At HSS Training we provide a full breakdown of areas for improvement and refinement to further develop delegates skills after training.
Please Note: Onsite training with use of our simulator will need space to accommodate this equipment. If the simulator is unable to fit or access the site on the day of training, the course may be cancelled and no refund will be applicable in this instance.

Dimensions and Weight:
Our simulator measures 51.1 inches (129.8cm) high, 32.3 inches (82.1cm) wide, and 39.9 inches (101.3 cm) deep. The simulator weights 110.2 kg (approximately 17.5 stone).

Delivery of MEWP VR Simulator:
The simulator will arrive in a small, short-wheel-based van and can be unloaded without issues. Sites will be required to allow the van close access to onsite and a parking space for the van while training is undertaken.

Movement of Simulator:
The simulator will be fitted with wheels after removal from the van and can be moved easily by a single person. The ground between the delivery area and entrance of the site must be flat and solid to allow the movement of the Simulator.

Steps, Stairs and Doorways:
A heavy and stable base is required for the simulator during its use and it is not suitable to be lifted up stairs. One step should not be an issue, however multiple flights of stairs will require lift access. Please note the MUST be suitable for the dimensions and weight of the simulator as specified above.

The simulator is only able to access through wheelchair access doors and not UK standard doorways. If your space is suitable for wheelchair users, our simulator should fit easily through the doorway. If your planned onsite training involves narrow corridors or single doorways please reconsider your location or speak to our team for further guidance.

Power Requirements:
To power our simulator we will require 2 standard 240v plug outlets close to where you require the simulator to be set up. Extension leads are suitable and our trainer will provide 1 spare if required.

Room Setup:
Please ensure to use a space/room that is suitable for any training normally undertaken by your company. If the space is too noisy, hot or cold this may impact your training outcome.

Booking Form:
Please download the booking form here

Please call us on 0345 605 0006 or speak to one of our agents on Live Chat