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IPAF Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) Demonstrator

IPAF course covering the operation and demonstration of various types of Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP).


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Course Details

Product number: IPAF_MCWP_D

To provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required to operate and demonstrate the use of various types of Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP). This includes familiarisation to users or operators providing information about a specific type of MCWP on a particular job site with their responsibilities, demonstrating pre-operational checks, safe operating procedure and the limitations of MCWP.

The course covers all aspects of daily/pre-use checks, weekly inspections, demonstration of use and emergency procedures of MCWP.


From 1st June '21 all IPAF cards & certificates applied for will be issued in digital format via the ePAL app.

Operators can download the app for free to Apple iOS and Android devices and use it to view and access their digital PAL Cards, logbooks and IPAF safety guides. Our Trainers will talk you through this process at the start of your IPAF course.

HSS Training will be using the NEW IPAF Digital PAL Card Licence Application (ePAL) to process all IPAF certification.

  • The IPAF Digital PAL Card Licence Application (ePAL) is a mandatory item when making a booking, charged at £29.50 per delegate.
  • IPAF Physical PAL Card Licence Application (Printed PAL Card) – If required add the item “ Printed PAL Card and Certificate “ to your basket - additional cost £7.50

  • Education on the relevant local regulations, standards, codes and guidance for the design, supply, use and management of MCWPs
  • Demonstrating the safe operation of a MCWP
  • Demonstrating the correct emergency procedures and systems of a MCWP in the case of an emergency
  • Demonstrating daily checks prior to use
  • Carrying out weekly inspections
  • Retrieving information from user/manufacturers manuals/safety guidance

Managers or supervisors with basic Health&Safety and electrical/mechanical knowledge that may be required to operate or demonstrate the use of MCWPs.

Upon successful completion of the course delegates will be awarded an IPAF certificate, valid for 5 years.
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