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IPAF Harness Awareness and User (HA/HU) Half Day

Specialist theory IPAF Harness Awareness (HA) and IPAF Harness User (HU) practical course assessment for delegates using harnesses within MEWP's.


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Course Details

Product number: HA_HU

This course covers both the IPAF Harness Awareness (HA) and Harness User (HU) assessments in a half day classroom course. If you would like to undertake assessment for Harness Awareness, User and Inspection please book onto our 1 day classroom course here.

The theory assessment provides delegates with the essential knowledge to select, monitor, manage and plan the correct use of Harnesses and lanyards for use in a MEWP. The practical test evaluates the delegate’s practical application of the knowledge gained in the IPAF Harness Awareness theory training.

Delegates successfully completing this course will:

  • Have an awareness of how to correctly identify and select the appropriate form of personal
    protection against falls from MEWPs.
  • Have a theoretical awareness only of how to check, use, maintain and store a harness and
    lanyard with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Have a theoretical awareness of how harnesses and lanyards should be fitted and adjusted

They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in the correct pre-use check of a harness and lanyard.
  • Demonstrate competence in how to correctly fit and adjust a harness and lanyard for use in
    a MEWP.
  • Demonstrate the correct anchor point to attach the lanyard to in a MEWP and adjust the lanyard to be effective.
This course is a half day theory and practical assessment covering both Harness Awareness (HA) and Harness User (HU). Upon successful completion delegates will receive both HA and HU certifications.

Harness Awareness (HA) Theory

  • Introduction
  • Hierarchy of Person Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE)
  • Know your Equipment: Harness Systems
  • Anchor Points
  • Boom Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
  • Vertical Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
  • Pre-use Checks
  • Donning and Doffing
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Summary

Theory Test

  • Individual, 30 question, open book, written test with explanation of pass requirements
  • A pass result requires a score of at least 80% (24/30)

Harness User Practical

This assessment looks at the delegate’s ability to physically apply what they learned in the Harness Awareness theory training.

The Harness User practical assessment covers:

  • Pre-use check of a harness and lanyard
  • Fitting and adjustment of a harness and lanyard for use in a MEWP
  • Attaching to the correct anchor point in a MEWP and adjustment of the lanyard to provide effective restraint

This will be observed and assessed by the Instructor and marked as correct or incorrect.
This course is essential for anyone undertaking any level of harness training. Both elements of this course, Harness Awareness (HA) and Harness User (HU) must be completed by anyone who will personally use a harness in a MEWP.

This method of learning is suitable for delegates who already hold their operator license and would like to add HA/HU certifications to their card or for those who only require harness training.

Please note: We offer Harness Awareness, User and Inspection as a 1 day classroom course that can be booked here.
Upon successful completion of the theory and practical assessments, delegates receive a certificate valid for 5 years.

Delegates can upgrade to the  IPAF Harness Inspector Qualification at any time during the 5 year validity of the existing qualification.
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