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IOSH - Managing Safely (E-Learning)

E-Learning course covering methods managers can use to improve health and safety issues in the modern workplace. 


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Course Details

Product number: E_IOSH_MAN|3842

This industry leading online course will provide delegates with the knowledge needed to take practical actions in handling health and safety within their teams.

This course is also available as face to face learning, to find out more please click here.

This course is also available through Remote Learning, where delegates can complete training and gain their certification via Virtual Classrooms.

Virtual Classroom training has been created to allow delegates to gain and develop the required knowledge outside of the classroom - connecting live with a HSS Trainer through a webcam.

For more information, click here.

  • Explain ‘working safely’
  • Explain the component parts of a recognised safety management system such as HSG65, BS 8800, and OHSAS 18001
  • Identify the data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of an incident and demonstrate the procedure for an accident investigation, recognising the human factors involved
  • Describe statutory requirements for reporting and procedures for checking for non-reporting
  • Describe methods of basic trend and epidemiological analysis for reactive monitoring data
  • Define ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’, and describe the legal requirements for risk assessment
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of a quantitative risk assessment technique and the data required for records
  • Describe workplace precaution hierarchies
  • Prepare and use active monitoring checklists and implement schedules for active monitoring, recording results and analysing records
  • Outline the main provisions of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Outline relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes and information sources such as the Health and Safety Executive


The final examination is to be taken online after you have studied the course material. Understanding of the course material is evaluated by means of a multiple choice examination comprising of a mixture of short and multiple choice questions, plus an end of course assignment.

Your e-learning login is valid for 6 months from time of order.

Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail within five working days containing details of your personal login and password.

Student Support

Tutors are available by telephone and email, and delegates have access to online forums where they can post questions to tutors and all other delegates studying the same course.

E-Learning Course

The clear, concise and informative content is presented in an easy-to-understand way to ensure maximum content retention. Users will receive informative advice and guidance on the chosen subject and will be tested on their understanding of the subject at the end of the course by completing the compulsory self-test.

Running Time - 36 hours minimum

Minimum System Specifications

It is highly recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer to undertake the training. Mobile devices are unsuitable for this e-learning module.

You should be ideally be using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser as Internet Explorer will not support this module.

Those in a role with supervisory or managerial responsibility in any sector, and any organisation.

The Managing Safely Qualification is accredited by IOSH. Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of attainment.

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