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Epilepsy Awareness for Schools & Carers - E-Learning

E-Learning training with the aim to provide further knowledge in how to care for a child with epilepsy. 


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Product number: EPI_AWA_IH|SW10118

The course aims to help delegates understand what can trigger a seizure and the larger effects that epilepsy can have on a child’s education and wellbeing.

Please note: The e-learning module must be completed within 12 months of the date of booking

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The course modules cover:

  • The Background of Epilepsy
  • Types of Epileptic Seizures
  • Triggers and Treatment
  • Your Responsibilities
  • How Epilepsy Affects Education and Well-being

This is a 45 minute course.
This online training course should be used by any delegate caring for a child with epilepsy. Delegates will gain a better understanding of the different types of epileptic seizures and what their responsibilities are when caring for children with epilepsy.
Delegates will receive a HSS printable certificate in Epilepsy Awareness for Schools & Carers upon completion of the course.

This course is approved and accredited by IIRSM, Skills for Care.
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