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CPCS – A77 Telescopic Handler 360 Slew - Novice

Telescopic Handler 360 Slew course with practical training session and assessment.


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Course Details

Product number: CPCS_A77|3577

To provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required to safely operate the Telehandler in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions CPCS accreditation standards.

If you are booking with less than 3 working days notice from the course start date please ring 0345 605 0006 to confirm this course.

The following subjects are covered in this training course:
  • Roles and responsibilities of a plant operator
  • Purpose of principal components
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Pre-use checks
  • Configuring for travel on site and highway and all lifting, loading and transferring duties
  • Travelling over rough and level surfaces
  • Attach and remove various attachments
  • Manoeuvring in limited spaces
  • Following signals and instructions when travelling
  • Actions required for proximity hazards
  • Basic principles of slinging of loads
  • Requirements for ensuring adequate ground support and stability
  • Causes of instability during blocked, free-on-wheel and pick-and carry duties
  • Lifting and placing various suspended and fork-mounted loads
  • Minimise the swinging of suspended loads during travel
  • Visibility issues and restrictions with suspended and fork-mounted loads
  • Placing suspended loads out of sight of the operator
  • Maintaining safe working situations and tidy working areas
  • Carrying out shut down and securing procedures
  • Loading and unloading procedures for machine transporting
  • Theory Test - Sample questions
  • Practical Test - Sample assessment 

Potential and existing operators who have received no formal instruction and those requiring refresher training.


You must have a basic understanding and knowledge of current Health & Safety issues. The relevant CITB Health Safety & Environment touchscreen test must be current and in date (completed within the last 24 months).

Failure to arrive on the course with the relevant test completed and in date, will result in your not being permitted to undertake the exams at the end of the course. No refund will be given for exams cancelled as a result of you not having the relevant test completed.

More information can be found on the CITB website. 

Your booking can only be confirmed once we receive the following information:

  1. Existing CSCS Card Number
  2. NI Number
  3. D.O.B.

We'll be in contact within 48 hours after you make your booking to collect further information prior to confirming your space on the course.

Delegates will receive a CPCS Red ‘Trained Operator’ card upon successful completion of CPCS Technical Tests.

Trained Operator Card (RED)

The Trained Operator Card confirms a level of core skills, knowledge and understanding that can be applied in the workplace until measured as competent against national standards. Experienced and able operators may hold a Trained Operator Card whilst being measured against national standards through an SVQ or NVQ.
Once you've obtained your Red CPCS Trained Operator Card, it will last for 2 years. During these 2 years you must work towards and achieve your NVQ in Plant Operations to upgrade to a Blue CPCS Competence Card.

Competent Operator Card (BLUE)

The Competent Operator Card tells the observer that the holder has demonstrated a level of health and safety awareness through the CITB Health, safety and environment test, underpinning knowledge previously through a CPCS theory test, operating ability previously through a CPCS practical test and operating competence on the type of plant (evidenced by an SVQ or NVQ or employer confirmation of competence).
If you do not hold the A17D category on your ticket, you’ll be required to complete the new A77 Telescopic Handler 360 Slew category. This includes an extended theory test which will consist of 101 theory questions with 2 mandatory questions related to 3 duties charts, then a 3 hour practical test which will cover fork-mounted loads, free-on-wheels, pick-and-carry duties, and fixed-hook / hoist-rope suspended loads. On achievement of A77 you will also be automatically awarded A17C and A17E.
If you hold the A17D category on your ticket, you’ll be required to undertake the Transitional Assessment for A77 (A89) to be awarded the A77, A17C (non-slew) and A17E (suspended loads) at the point of renewal. Those who do not undertake the A77 (A89) Transitional Assessment at the point of renewal or upgrade will only be awarded the A17C (non-slew) category.
New Card Holders achieving A77 will also be automatically awarded A17C & E.
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