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C&G 6160-07 - Direct Emergency Rescue and Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces

City & Guilds course covering the emergency rescue and recovery of casualties when working within confined spaces.


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Course Details

Product number: CG_L3_DIR

The aim of this course is to reflect the national occupational standard for directing emergency rescue and recovery of casualties from confined spaces. This course covers both water and non-water industry areas. This may include working with potable water, sewage treatment processes, drain and sewer cleaning operations, or where the operative is working in or near water, or where a confined space is subject to surface water flooding. 

And for the non-water this may include pharmaceutical, petrochemical, asbestos removal, vehicle manufacture and servicing, aeronautical, construction, communications, power, utilities, gas, electrical and mechanical engineering, and some elements of work operations in mines, quarries, and tunnelling.

  • Plan and prepare emergency operations for a rescue team
  • Mobilise a rescue team and direct entry and exit to the confined space
  • Monitor a rescue team to ensure procedures are followed
  • Understand rescue team leader duties and responsibilities
  • Understand the principles of working as a rescue team leader

This course is anyone who directs the activities of a team for rescue or recovery in confined spaces. This may include rescue team leader, coordinator, entry controller/top person or supervisor in relation to rescue and recovery of casualties, planning and preparing for emergency operations, mobilising rescue teams, directing and monitoring rescue activities, reporting and securing sites after incidents or emergencies.
Delegates will on successful completion of the course receive City & Guilds in Direct Emergency Rescue and Recovery of Casualties (6160-07)

Due to the Internal Quality Assurance process, as stipulated by City and Guilds, which much be conducted for the paperwork on all courses, certification for this qualification can take up to 3 months at our busiest times. We always aim to provide certificates as quickly as possible, for updates on when your certificate will be available, please call 0345 766 7799 or send an email to for updates.
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