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Abrasive Wheels - City & Guilds

Abrasive Wheels course covering hand held equipment that requires a fitment of an abrasive wheel or grinding disc. 


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Course Details

Product number: CG_ABRAW|1340

This course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to demonstrate the selection and safe fitting of abrasive wheels in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance and current legislation.

This attracts a CITB Short Course Duration Grant at Tier 1, with a value of £30.  Please see the Grants and Funding tab for further information.

  • Regulations and guidance affecting the use of abrasive wheels
  • Abrasive wheels specifications – wheel types
  • Wheel mounting and storage
  • Damaged or faulty wheels and equipment
  • Effects on health – silica dust and hand arm vibration
  • Control measures – safe equipment use and hazard awareness
  • AM courses start at 08:30
  • PM courses start at 13:00


Delegates who operate, supervise or manage the use of angle grinders, cut off saws and bench top cut off saws.

Delegates successfully completing this City & Guilds accredited programme will receive a City & Guilds Certificate in Abrasive Wheels.

All certification is subject to the City & Guilds Quality assurance procedure. if you require a certificate of attendance in the interim please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CITB Short Course Duration Grant

Information for Employers

HSS Training is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) with CITB, allowing our customers to claim grants for completing training on our registered courses.  The CITB levy and grants scheme has been introduced to ensure the UK construction industry has the skilled workforce that it needs; providing grants for employers to train their workers. This helps to maintain health & safety standards on construction sites, keeping the right skills available for the industry to grow. In turn this will allow projects to be completed on time and within budget, in a safe and sustainable manner.

How much is the Grant?

The grant rates are split into three tiers, determined by the duration and content of the course.

•Tier 1 = £30

•Tier 2 = £70

•Tier 3 = £120

Course Name  Grant Tier Value
IPAF (Dual) Mobile Vertical (3a) + (3b) Mobile Boom - Operator  Tier 2 £70
IPAF Harness Use and Inspection  Tier 1 £30
PASMA Mobile Access Towers for Users  Tier 2 £70
Ladder and Stepladder User - Ladder Association  Tier 1 £30
Ladder and Stepladder Inspection - Ladder Association  Tier 1 £30
Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)  Tier 3 £120
Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTS)  Tier 3 - 50% £60
Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)  Tier 2 £70
Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SSSTS)  Tier 2 - 50% £35
Site Safety Plus - Health & Safety Awareness  Tier 1 £30

Please refer to the Approved Course List on CITB’s website for the full course directory. Grants are paid once for each individual per course, with the exception of a renewal or refresher course.

Which courses are covered?

As a CITB accredited ATO, HSS Training has 20+ courses registered under the CITB Short Course Duration Grant.  Short duration courses last from 3 hours to 29 days, focusing on the core construction skills needed across the industry. 

The full list of approved courses is available on CITB’s Construction Training Directory.

• Assured Products - courses delivered to an agreed industry standard

• Recognised Products - an approved standard by a relevant awarding body that is widely accepted by the industry i.e. IPAF, PASMA, Ladder Association

• CITB - relating to the Site Safety Plus courses

How do I claim?

Q. What do I need to do as the employer?
A. Simply book your employee onto their required course (our full open schedule is available on the HSS Training website) and provide us with the following details: Delegate name, DOB, Address, NI Number and the Employer CITB Levy Number.

Q. How do I make a claim?
A. We will do everything for you. Because HSS Training is an ATO with CITB, following your employees successful completion of their course we will update the  construction Training Register and you will automatically receive the payment.

Q. How will I receive the payment?
A. Grants can only be paid back via bank transfer, so ensure that CITB hold your current bank details - you can do this through their secure online Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation Form.

Who can claim?

Any Employer can claim who has registered with CITB and meets their general grants scheme eligibility requirements. Short Duration grants are available to all directly employed Pay As You Earn (PAYE) staff and sub-contractors.

Note – grants are not paid to individual employees.

Eligibility Requirements

Employers are able to claim grants if they have sent a Levy Return to CITB by 30th November each year (where applicable).

Please refer to CITB’s website for more information on how Levy Returns are calculated for a company.

Follow the PDF link if you would like to print or download this information.

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Tier 1, CITB Tier Rebate: £30

3rd April 2023 AM

Glasgow 0 miles 0.5 day 2 £130.50


4th April 2023 PM

London - Beckton 0 miles 0.5 day 1 £130.50

6th April 2023 PM

Leeds 0 miles 0.5 day 5 £130.50 £96.68

14th April 2023 AM

Edinburgh 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £96.68

14th April 2023 AM

Manchester - Rusholme 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £96.68

14th April 2023 PM

Manchester - Rusholme 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £91.85

17th April 2023 PM

Gateshead 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £91.85

18th April 2023 PM

Chesterfield 0 miles 0.5 day 2 £130.50

19th April 2023 AM

Edinburgh 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £91.85

19th April 2023 PM

Manchester - Piccadilly 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £91.85


19th April 2023 PM

Bristol - Aztec 0 miles 0.5 day 1 £130.50

27th April 2023 AM

Liverpool - Huyton 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £87.02

27th April 2023 PM

Liverpool - Huyton 0 miles 0.5 day 5+ £130.50 £87.02